Living from within

Huissen | Tao-zen retreat July 1995
Friday Night, July 7 till Friday, July 14

Besides ‘sitting’ and body exercise, the reciprocal exchange in the discussion was an integral part of meditation in the groups and sessions Maarten Houtman led.
Leitmotif here was the self-examination of the participants. In the words of Maarten Houtman:
“The dialogue forces you to get to know yourself. Whether you speak or listen, it forces you to give account of what is constantly going on inside. This allows us to trace our own reality. The deeper you dwell on your own reality - and that's only possible if you come to know it - the more chance there is that power of habit, of everything you are, could be broken through. That's the only thing that can happen.”
'Discovering yourself in the dialogue', Sterrelaan, september, 10, 1988 (in Dutch).
Talks and Dialogues July 1995:

The main points of meditation
Friday night, July 7

Living without motives
Saturday, July 8

Our situation in a bigger perspective
Sunday, July 9

The quality of your awareness and experience
Monday, July 10

The TALKS AND DIALOGUES of Tuesday, July 11, till Friday, July 14, are not yet available in English – see: ‘Van binnenuit leven’ for the complete online version of this retreat in Dutch (and the version in writing below).
Living from within
Talks and Dialogues Seven-day retreat July 1995,
ed. "Zen als leefwijze", 1996 (in Dutch).
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