Tao-zen Meditation

Be solely with yourself,
quiet and attentive, absorbed in the Oneness.
From this Oneness, amongst people, work,
and the manifold activities that pass by and through you,
you will remain in contact with it.

Maarten Houtman

Biographical sketch
Maarten Houtman (1918-2011) was born on a rubber plantation at the edge of the jungle in the hot lowlands of Central Java in 1918.
There, surrounded by the immenseness of nature, in which man is nothing more than an insignificant part, he was confronted each day, from an early age, with the mystery of birth and death, and the inexplicable suffering that permeates all of creation.

Later, in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp, he would gain a deeper insight into man’s real situation, and what is required to achieve a vulnerable and attentive life. A life in which others and the world around the self are experienced so that true communication becomes possible.

He gave the practice in which object-less Zen meditation is combined with the centuries-old Taoist breathing and energy exercises the name ‘Tao-Zen’.
For more than 50 years he has practised, in small groups, seated meditation, za-zen, conversational exchanges and the accompanying movement exercises which, in time, enable those exercising to find a solid base in today’s impatient and hectic life, from where they are able to live a calm life, without fear.

Maarten Houtman, ‘The first and only true revolution’. Session talk of May, 12, 2001.
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‘Tao-zen, the way of non-compulsion’

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‘Living from within’ 
Talks and Dialogues Tao-zen retreat of July, 1995


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